In order to keep the lights on, I sell beats, My rates are currently;

Lease 50 — MP3 & Wav, tagged in beginning.

Exclusive 100 (w/ Hook) 80 (No Hook)  — Untagged MP3 & Wav, Labeled as *sold* and/or Taken Down From Public View To Ensure Exclusivity, Any tracked out files needed.

Custom 150 (I Can Make Any Idea Come To Life) — 
MP3 & Wav, Any beat idea, Any tracked out files, and Exclusivity. (Turn around time is 3-7 business days)

Collaboration: I do not charge for collaborations but I only do songs on exclusive WIKI beats. If you have an exclusive purchase and create a song that I generally like, I WILL do whatever is needed of me to make a collaboration happen 🙂

Audio Mixdown:
40/track (mix+master and as many re-edits as needed)


All transactions are made through our private paypal account which will be given upon your e-mail inquiry.

Artists I’ve worked with:

Wiz Khalifa (One Way)
Mac Miller (Keep Me Alive, Wear It Out)
Pretty Ricky (Rolling With A Star)
Johnny Juliano (Cybernetic Love)
Sledgren (IDC, DSL)
Cardo (In For The Night)
ID Labs (You Bad, So Cool, Golden Traxe)

And Hopefully You In The Near Future…